September 26, 2016
While Paul Simon gave us "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (here's the YouTube link for those of you under 40 who don't know what I'm talking about recent Harvard Business School study found "7 Ways People Quit Their Jobs".

The two most popular were "by the book" and "perfunctory". By the book meant that the employee talked with their manager about leaving, gave a standard notice period and an explanation for quitting. Perfunctory resignations were similar except that the meetings were shorter and the reasons for quitting were not offered. 

"The grateful approach will always serve you."

Other styles included what the authors called grateful goodbyes, where the leaving employees expressed their gratitude for the workplace experience and offered to help with transitions. So called in the loop resignations were those where the employee looped in the manager ahead of time to let the manager know that his or her departure was imminent or that they were looking for another job.
Less classy styles included those where the employees engaged in bridge burning by harming the organization on their way out the door, or hurled verbal assaults at their managers as they left, or those employees who simply went to lunch and never returned.
What Should You Do?

As I've written in my book "We Need to Talk -- Tough Conversations with Your Employee", the grateful approach will always serve you. In many industries, you never know when you might run into your former colleagues in a new job or when you might need their help. As a manager, you should be interested to know that the study also found - somewhat predictably - that employees who chose to throw flames on their way out the door did so because they felt they'd been treated unfairly or abusively by their manager. Turnover is a problem in many places today and one you might seek to avoid.

Did You Know?

Our management training can help you avoid unwanted turnover. We also can help you design exit interviews that help identify patterns, as well as coaching for managers who have higher than normal turnover.
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