September 12, 2016
The Egyptians built pyramids and so have we. We realize that our clients always have competing priorities of time and money. While there are many things they would like to do to develop employees and leaders, what do they really need to do?
To answer that question, we have developed the "Essential Learning Pyramid".  These are the things that your people need to learn in ascending order.
Starting from the bottom, everyone still needs to have basic training on EEO and harassment prevention. Sadly, after over twenty years of teaching on this topic, we are still - perhaps more than ever - seeing serious claims that need addressing through investigations, intervention and training, training, training for employees and managers. 
Next up, managers need what we call "Management 101", the essential functions that managers must learn how to address including values differences, performance management, documentation, fairness and consistency, and  mentoring and coaching. 

Lastly, a more select group of your people need leadership skills, including leadership strengths assessments, leadership theory, conflict management, leading diverse work forces, challenging conversations, emotional intelligence and our individually customized sections for your organization's needs.
While there are other workshops that might be useful for your employees, our many years of experience in consulting, coaching and training have led us to select these areas as the Essential Learning Pyramid.

What Should You Do?
It's easy to become lost or overwhelmed in conducting needs assessments for your organization, but a good place to start is with the Essential Learning Pyramid.  If you work your way through these sessions, you'll know that your people have been grounded in what matters most and then you can take it from there to build your less critical sessions from that strong foundation.

Did You Know?

You can count on us to conduct lively, interactive and meaty sessions based on our learning pyramid. For more information, call or write us at: 303-216-1020 or [email protected]

Be sure to read Lynne's helpful books on how to handle tough conversations 
with your employees and your boss. 

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