March 20, 2017
Want to Change Your Employees' Minds? Forget Facts!

Part of every leader's job is to try to convince and motivate. You want your employees to take certain actions and avoid others. One of the most common questions we receive from leaders is "how do we motivate employees?"
Many leaders rely on facts, using figures, graphs and examples to convince their staff to go their way. Others rely on control: threats and the use of their own power to convince people to just do what the boss tells them to do. 
" have to appeal to their emotions, 
not just their intellect."

Social science research, however, uses sophisticated techniques including brain imaging to find out what kind of influence really works.

The bottom line? The facts alone rarely work. People tend to listen to the facts that confirm their own beliefs. If you want to influence someone to change their mind, you have to appeal to their emotions, not just their intellect. In her new book The Influential Mind, neuroscientist Tali Sharot outlines the research her team conducted showing how this works.

What Should You Do?   
If you want to inspire your team to follow your lead, you need to make them feel not just think. Using personal examples, stories and your own passion when you're speaking to them will go a long way towards influencing action.

Did You Know?

In our leadership classes, we present the research and training needed to empower a leader's own emotional intelligence and help them learn how to influence their team into action. 

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Read Lynne's book "The Power of a Good Fight" and learn how to effectively influence and build broad support for your work and ideas through the use of strong consensus-building skills.

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