June 6, 2016

If you're an executive or manager, do you care if people see their job as a calling or a job? Does it matter for them or for you?
We tend to think that people who describe their jobs as a "dream job" just happened to luck into it, but recent science suggests otherwise. Researcher Amy Wrzesniewski from Yale, who studies organizational behavior, calls it "job crafting", and has found that her process can help you make the job more satisfying. http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510308/hidden-brain

She studied, for example, a housecleaning staff at hospitals and discovered that many found that it was just a job, while others made their work a larger mission, part of helping take care of patients who needed them. Those who found their work most satisfying not only executed the work within their job description, but sometimes went outside the bounds to bring drinks to patients, redo the art on the walls and spend time with lonely people.
"Help align your employees' values 
with your organization's mission and values"
While these workers might even be considered rule breakers, they were embracing the larger mission of the hospital in terms of patient care and found greater satisfaction in their work. They also were the highest performers, had lower turnover and missed fewer days at work. When asked about their job titles, they frequently described themselves as "healers", rather than "cleaners."
What Should You Do?
Certainly managers should always try to help employees find the right job. "Fit" is incredibly important. At the same time, satisfaction can be found regardless of the job title and helping your employees be successful in that endeavor should be a part of your own job. Know what your employees value. Help align your employees' values with your organization's mission and values. That's where success lies for both your employees and your organization.

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