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Working with Difficult People

Hard to deal with? Resolve conflicts — and survive

It's easy to love your work when you don't have to talk to anybody who drives you nuts or you don't have to address sensitive topics. But let's face it: There are difficult people everywhere and difficult questions that come up in every work situation.

Whether your challenge is your boss, a co-worker or someone you supervise, or whether the problematic issue is harassment, management skills, leadership or team dynamics, conflict can only get worse if you let it fester.

Lynne can teach you to work through tough situations with difficult people — and do it without compromising yourself. By developing these skills, you can resolve difficulties by learning to:

  • Approach, not avoid, difficult conversations
  • Skillfully identify the real issues
  • Hold your ground in the face of opposition
  • Creatively problem-solve with your opponents
  • Achieve results that make your work easier and more productive.